0244A871-2FEB-467B-8EEE-FA389C1F416CI wrote this while my eyes were full of tears . My Uncle had just passed, I had the opportunity of opening my house up to him. He lived with me for a handful of weeks on home hospice, before his health quickly slipped away. He went into Stella Maris when I was no longer able to care for him in the way he needed. He was a misunderstood gay man dying of liver cancer. He died as a direct result of alcoholism. I’m sure his inability to openly live the life he desired fed his disease. I had an opportunity to read this in a stuffy church remembrance ceremony.


We were joined by DNA and chance , through a series of cosmic events I was bound to you by blood memory and family . You are my uncle and in the small time our souls reconnected through an indescribable collision of love and instilled behaviors we froze the moment ! Love transcends the human notion of time . A notion that has been lost to the rat race of an existence we have been taught to believe . Uncle Bobby I see you ! I look past the stigmas thrown on you by born just a handful of decades to early . Despite the generational ignorance you endured you stood proud ! I salute you for the proud stance of a man you choose to be despite misunderstanding! You are a hero of bravery and stood for the truth ! You taught me to never be ashamed to answer the true calling of who we are ! Consciousness will always be the biggest threat to acceptance. You stood 10 feet tall to me despite being a proud man of small stature ! May your spirit go where the universe wills it ! I long for the day that we are all reconnected and our differences do not define us ! I love you ,We love you ,and our Hurley name is proud of the Hurley you were ! 

RIP Robert Hurley Jr


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