Water bound


I was very close to buying my 3rd Catalina22, after have just sold my second one I owned “Simply”last fall. The time was right and work became stable again after making a pretty serious career change. I starting my normal ritual of surfing Craig’s list for boats. I quickly found a deal on a 1974 Catalina 22. I drove to DC to look at it and something just didn’t feel right . After inspection  I walked away without purchasing her. A few months prior I stumbled across a picture of a O’day Mariner 2+2 I liked the lines of the boat and it sparked my curiosity. I then proceeded to dive into the world of countless pictures and threads concerning the fine little boat. After telling the Catalina22 owner I would need a few days to think about it looking back now I think my mind was already set. That night I woke up from my restless indecision of sleep and quickly joined the Mariner association. I began looking feverishly for Mariners in my area. To my dismay there were not many available. The ones I did see were well out of my price range especially for a boat of that size. It then hit me why not use the forum provided to utilize the following owners to my advantage. I quickly typed away my intentions and created a add for “Mariner 2+2 wanted in Maryland”. I was forthright that I was looking for a boat in fair condition with a trailer and that I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty. I instantly got a response from a man named Chuck. He mentioned that he had a 77 2+2 that was in fair condition. He had bought the boat with a friend to race in the one design class on the Delaware. He was honest that overnighting on her was not his thing and that the boat needed work. It had multiple sets of sails and in particular had a new set only purchased a few years ago. I was instantly interested and set up a time to make the doable trip to South Jersey. The rain and losing an hour of sleep springing forward did not deter me. Also my tow vehicle I had lined up to bring her home was not available. I pressed on despite the weather , daylight savings time, and the pick up truck deciding it wanted the rest I was in much need for. We headed north we arrived at the boat and I was immediately amazed at how small the whole package was . Despite her small size the cockpit was roomy and the cabin had just enough room to lay your head and hide from the weather. As we bailed the tarp out and pealed it back it was clear the boat was a tool for racing only, blocks and tackle being in better shape then the gelcoat . It had survived a horrendous accident a storm had blown her off the trailer with only a few scrapes and dings as a result I pressed on . The cushions were vintage mustard yellow, the cabin had water in her. After running my hands along her hull and inspecting the important parts  which seemed unfazed despite her recent neglect it felt right. After all we are both the same age at 41 and just like I have more life in me she indeed deserves to have life breathed in her! I offered Chuck 900$ and he accepted I am now the proud owner of a 1977 Oday Mariner. She’s gonna need a lot of work but I love messing about on boats to paraphrase loosely the famous quote. My goal is to do the basics and address the necessities new tiller ,spreader repair and let the wind fill her sails! I will take on the restoration in chapters putting sailing first. A commitment is following through on a decision long after the mood you made it in has passed. It’s the beginning of a long journey I’m already grateful for the abundance of information I have already seen on the site. Thank you to those who also reached out to me and if I was closer to you I would have considered your boats. Let the journey began

Fair Winds


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