New years Eve 22

As I hiked through the woods on this last day of 2022.  I stopped and looked around. I pondered and hardly noticed my own surroundings. The woods were quiet today, almost asleep. The tree canopy was tucked in by a blanket of fog.  I thought of the last year. I thought about losing Tosh, Relationships ending and making life changing decisions. Today is really just the last day of a fiscal calendar year. But because of the occasion that it is. New Year’s Eve always provokes deep thoughts in me. I accept it is a great time for reflection. But I also have to remind myself of the natural order of things. Instead of setting lofty goals, I will  be easy and be kind to myself. We are in the deep winter. It is a time for slumber and rest. The real new year beckons us with a siren call.  We will march towards her unabashed. Knowing full well that real change and growth happens in the spring! A fiend of mine says “To regret the past is to insult this moment.” I’m doing the best I can to make the moment worthy of not insulting. I will be patient with myself as the days remain short. The spring equinox gets closer with every passing day. Here’s to a new year full of Fair seas and following winds.